Friday, April 29, 2011

The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon, hailing from San Francisco, consisting of one guy, Luis Vasquez, doing a really beautiful job of bringing the early 80s back in a dark way.  His vocals are very distant, with most of the focus on the music.  It's very reminiscent of Joy Division, giving off a late 70s/early 80s goth feel.  The track 'When It's Over' gives me chill bumps, with waves of sound & distant, pretty vocals behind it... also the track 'Circles' is killer, with catchy drumbeats, smart repetition, good build-up & creepy chanting that gets stuck in your head.  Overall, it's a very smart, scenic album that just leaves you feeling like you just woke up from a nightmare or something.

TAGS:  post-punk, new wave, coldwave, psychedelic, goth, dreamy

SIMILAR ARTISTS:  Joy Division, Dirty Beaches, Crystal Stilts, Blank Dogs, Young Prisms

[ Check out the myspace link for upcoming tour details ]


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Unwashed

THE GREAT UNWASHED, consisting of David and Hamish Kilgour (of The Clean), Peter Gutteridge and Ross Humphries, from New Zealand.  After The Clean split up in 1982, the Kilgour brothers continued writing songs together, and decided to use a rather ironic name.  They released "Clean Out of Our Minds' in 1983, played a few live shows, then disbanded at the end of the year.

If you're into The Clean, you'll love The Great Unwashed.  It's definitely darker, a little more experimental and since they didn't last very long or get the name out, they're a rare listen.

TAGS:  lo-fi, indie, twee, experimental pop, new wave

SIMILAR ARTISTS:  The Clean, Tall Dwarfs, The Bats, The Verlaines, The Chills

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

They ain't leavin' (Bleached)

BLEACHED, Jennifer and Jessie Clavin's new project

Mika Miko fans rejoice & grab the new EP, only 500 pressed

Listen HERE.
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Aster, Nicholas Lowery & Dominic Van Horn of Memphis, TN

TAGS:  noise, drone, soul, experimental, electronic, ambient

INFLUENCES:  Micachu, Aoki Takamasa and 'the sounds of a plane flying over your house in Memphis while sirens from a police car peak past your window and the train travels on through the background' (- Nicholas Lowery)

There will be a release show at Poplar Lounge in Memphis, where there will be actual physical copies of their cassettes, very exclusive, only 20 copies of each.
'ELUDES' is their first cassette out of 3, it was just released on the 19th, recorded in one night.



(***)denotes they especially need help with that area

7/16-Bowling Green, Ohio
7/17-Indiana (Preferably North)/Kalamazoo, MI?
7/18-Chicago, Illnois
7/20-Iowa City, Iowa
7/21- Des Moines, Iowa***
7/22-Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska ***
7/25- Salt Lake City, Utah***
7/27-Seattle, Washington
7/28-Portland, Oregon
7/29-Portland, Oregon
7/31- San Francisco, California
8/1- Los Angeles, California
8/2- Palm Springs, California
8/3- Phoenix, Arizona***
8/4- New mexico***
8/6- Dallas, Texas
8/7- Austin/Houston,Texas
8/8-Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana
8/9- Oxford, Mississippi
8/11- Memphis, Tennessee
8/12-Atlanta, GA @ Hall-of-Looya
8/13-Nashville, Tennessee***
8/14- Kentucky***
8/15- Columbus, Ohio


[I will continue to keep updates on Aster & Blithe, STAY TUNED]